How to Measure Floor Flatness

Published: 05th May 2011
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It has been known to many that the flatness of the floor is important to be precise and perfect. This will avoid any accidents, injuries and mishaps that might happen to the people, builders and others who will use the warehouse. To determine the proper floor flatness, it should be measured with the correct methods. The floor profile should also be correctly planned so that constructing it will be easier and perfectly done.

So how can floor flatness be measured? Well, this is a job of the warehouse contractor. One should have undergone advanced lessons and trainings to be sure that he is capable of measuring the flatness of the floor correctly. He will then be doing different tasks for the measuring.

First, he will draw a chalk line in the area. After this, he can use a rotating device where he will measure the floor from one point to another. This will take lots of time since it should be perfectly done. He can use a dipstick floor for this task. This is a tool to properly measure the flatness of the floor. Though this method takes a lot of time and effort, it is still an important task to accomplish because the safety and health of people will be at stake if this is not perfectly done.

Aside from dipstick floor, one can also use Floor Pro. This works exactly as the dipstick floor. The only difference is that the Floor Pro is easier to use. This is used in an automatic way. You just have to press the button and the machine will do the work for you. You will just have to wait for the results and measurements. This will require lesser time and effort from the warehouse contractor. He can then attend other tasks assigned to him. Basically Floor Pro is an independent tool used for measuring the flatness of the floor. You can just leave it on the floor and let it work until it is finished. With this tool, you are not required to stay all day watching the machine work. You can turn to other work that you need to accomplish. With the use of the Floor Pro, the project will be faster to finish. And the best thing about this floor tool is that it also gives the same accurate result that the warehouse contractor needs.

It is also good to know how to manually get the proper measurements of the floor flatness. This will be a great addition to your skills and knowledge. At least, whether you have an automatic tool or not, you still know how to do your job. But if you can invest on an automatic tool like the floor Pro, your work becomes easier and faster.
So be smart in investing on the devices and tools that you will be using. It is okay to use more high-tech devices just as long as you know that the results are correct and accurate. Keep in mind that there are people who depend on your results and reports.

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